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Little League was new to East Side Park in 1953. New teams were organized and each team had a "Big Kid." I had just learned that a right handed glove fit on the left hand so was primmed to try out. By some fluke I made the Vandeveer team at age 9.

Larry was the "Big Kid" at 12 years old. He taught me how to hit fast balls and field grounders, encouraging me along with "you can do it Pritch." He was always smiling, supportive and fun.

I might possibly have been Larry Collins' first Little League player that spring of 1953.


Little League 1953
Larry Collins and Vandeveer

At Dexter, Mr.Galloway taught him to shoot free throws underhanded, a method that he used throughout his basketball career at Bosse. Larry believed repetition and encouragement brought consistency and success.

When we arrived at Bosse as freshmen, Larry went out of his way to speak to me and to see how I was getting along. He was always up, always interested..

On June 28, Larry was honored at the East Side Youth Baseball field. Regretfully, I missed seeing Larry by minutes. If a person's life is measured by how many people one touches, Larry's life was a huge success.

Freshman Track Team
Freshman Track Team
1958 Basketball Team
Varsity Basketball Team 13 wins 4 loses
Larry Collins makes a basket
Larry Collins drives



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