Support the Tradition: Help Your Bulldogs


Look through the School Spirit and School Year Book. When we were at Bosse, most of these activities for us were relatively free but not today. We have all heard of the EDUCATION BUDGET CUTS. Here are some programs at our Alma Mater that are in trouble. Let's see what we can do to help!!

1. We have been notified that the current Bosse Cheerleaders are in dire straits because of budget cuts. Their uniforms are shot and they are asking for donations to help buy new ones. See the attached: From Elizabeth Stevens


2. Bosse High School Football Sponsorship: See the attached: Sponsorship


3. There are no longer football programs in the grade schools and the first time kids play competitive football is in high school. The school needs money to assist in starting developmental programs in each of the feeder schools, Dexter, Harper, Washington, Glenwood and Culver. Feeder Programs


4. Making a top notch, competitive program costs money: Program Support